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We're establishing benchmarks for excellence in research and healthcare.

Since 2000, we’ve provided a comprehensive range of healthcare services, offering basic preventive health facilities along with a wide array of specialized disciplines. Our commitment to ethics, transparency, and patient-centered care is upheld by a proficient team of medical experts and dedicated support staff available around the clock, ensuring a compassionate environment.

  • 50 Bed Capacity with all department
  • Multi Speciality Disciplines
  • Advanced Machinery for better care
  • 24*7*365 Days support

The unparalleled excellence of our facility.

Schedule your healthcare appointment directly with your doctor.

We cultivate an environment centered on mutual respect through transparent and open communication. Our dedication lies in consistently delivering high-quality outcomes for our patients with fairness and reliability.

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    Puneeth acharyaPuneeth acharya
    16:28 08 Jan 24
    Nice hospitality
    Sujith kumar KrishnaSujith kumar Krishna
    15:35 02 Jan 24
    Wonderful experience with HITECH hospital. and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth surgery, and follow-up. And all well experienced in their respective department. I am so glad I chose this hospital and would highly recommend to anyone....
    sunitha kotiansunitha kotian
    09:03 02 Jan 24
    Poojary. Puneeth11Poojary. Puneeth11
    05:40 02 Jan 24
    The entire team at Hi-tech Medicare Hospital is friendly and efficient. I had a great experience during my visit!...
    04:43 02 Jan 24
    Staffs are very nice.
    Roopesh ManipalRoopesh Manipal
    04:37 02 Jan 24
    One of the clean and hygienic hospital in Udupi. Very good doctors are available for different treatments. Nursing staff have been giving selfless service to the patients. Canteen food can be made little better especially for patients. Overall satisfied with the service.
    Rithesh PoojaryRithesh Poojary
    04:31 02 Jan 24
    Its a very famous and known hospital in Udupi. Locals here have medical card which they can use to avail discount facilifor all kinds of treatments and tests. You can walk down here to show to doctor and do tests and checkups as prescribed by the doctor. You have to first take a token which is given on the entrance of the compound. They send you in queue to avoid any crowd inside. Then you have to pay some nominal amount and you can proceed to meet the doctor who then guides you on further tests if required they check basic details about your health like weight height etc and then forwarf ur case to senior doctor who checks your problem and guide you. You can take tests in same hospital again at discounted price then you have to wait for sometime for tests and then again show it to doctor and take their medication. Here you can also get admitted they have again discounted charges. But only if they tell you it is required. There is anoth uilding where emergency admission happens. You dont have to be local to register here, you can just walkin and register of you are visiting first time. They gove you card which you can use further. I did not do treatment here but my cousins come here for their medical check ups and they are happy with service because they feel in other cities the charges are more and here you get opinion from 2-3 doctors.
    Rithesh ManipalRithesh Manipal
    04:27 02 Jan 24
    Decent hospital with good medically experienced staff possee with experienced skills.You need to know whome to contact for the concern else you feel helpless.Knowing a doctor in person is an advantage .I feel these ifs and buts are due to this facility being a college attached to hospital.Pros: skilled techniques . Experiences doctors you should know whome to reach out. Cost is minimumCons: staffs are rude due to heavy crowd and tight work schedule for all the staffs.You should some how make sure doctor you are attending to is experienced and not new bee.They wouldn't rely on outside test findings.. this will add to time consumed for tests and results..My take: even if a thin trace of air is circulating in the body experienced doctors make sure you are alive out of life risk
    Criston FurtadoCriston Furtado
    05:25 09 Nov 23
    Service was quick and convienient. Doctor clearly explained what must be done to alleviate the pain, and proper medication was issued.

    Our commitment to your emergency and trauma care is unwavering 24/7.

    Our emergency department is manned by a skilled team of healthcare professionals, comprising experienced physicians, nurses, and specialized experts. We boast cutting-edge technology and equipment, ensuring prompt and effective care for our patients.

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